S-1 based crop analyses

Processing pipelines for the calculation of backscatter intensity, polarimetric decomposition parameters and coherence values are presented. Analyses regarding the informative value of these SAR features are exemplified by analysing timeseries for a few hundred fields. Correlations to the phenological development of the crops are made and random forest-based classifications are performed.

UAV-based DSM & Orthophoto generation

Illustration of the workflow as well as the intermediate products in the creation of terrain models based on drone data. Application example based on a small-scale river bed within a forested area.

S-1 based DEM generation

Investigation into the usability of radar-based terrain models for analysing the landscape-altering effects of the Brumadinho dam collapse (Brazil, 2019)

SAR-based crop classifications – Literature review

Quantitative, bibliometric analyses on the existing literature of SAR-based crop classifications. Analyses of temporal and spatial characteristics of the scientific corpus and identification of the most significant publications.