Visibility analyses

Analysing the views along austrian hiking paths with consideration of the landuse within viewsheds. Presenting the map results as well as descriptive statistics in form of a simple dashboard (R Shiny).

Solar radiation analyses

Performing a multitemporal classification of Sentinel imagery to extract vineyards. Subsequently, analysing the significance of irradiation intensity and duration for the location of vineyards. Using random forest as an embedded feature selection method.

Runoff analyses

Hydrological analyses using the example of an alpine watershed with a reservoir. Spatial delineation of the catchment area, consideration of flow paths with runoff accumulation as well as temporal analyses of runoff volumes.

Terrain analyses

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of terrain in a mountain catchment area. Analysis of the influence of different DEM resolutions on the calculation of elevations and slopes.

Interpolation – Inverse Distance Weighting

Analysing the effect of different parameter settings on the result of IDW-interpolated temperature values. An interactive dashboard with the interpolation results, descriptive statistics and validation plots is provided.

Network analyses

Spatial analysis focusing on the establishment of a proposed sustainable food delivery service